The Reesen Group is a strong network of collaborating businesses that shares experiences and knowledge across borders and nationalities. We know how to navigate in a globalised world, and we know that our customers work globally and should not be limited by local or national barriers.

Team Reesen

The Reesen Group has an approach based on many years of international management and IT project experience. The businesses in the network all share a partner, who has overall responsibility and an overview of the projects and of the allocation of responsibilities between the businesses.

Since its founding, The Reesen Group has experienced organic growth based on sustainable relations with our customers. Over the years, this has attracted an increasing number of customers and businesses to our network and to the Group. We have successfully executed projects for several major global players in the shipping industry. We proudly view this as a validation of the fact that we deliver what we promise.


Reesen Group Organisation diagram


Leif Reesen Brodthagen
Leif Reesen BrodthagenCEO & Founder
CEO Reesen Group and Reesen Consulting ApS, Copenhagen
Akbar Husain
Akbar HusainChief Engineer
Managing Director, Reesen Ship Management, Pvt Ltd


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