In the Reesen Group, we have a wide range of competencies, experience and skills aimed primarily at the shipping industry. However, in our experience, the knowledge we possess today in a wide range of fields can easily be applied to many other industries and business areas.

Over the years, our focus has been on the use and development of IT technology to significantly underpin business development – including both internal and external business procedures. We also focus on how to apply technology commercially. Our aim is to ensure streamlined business procedures as well as the profitable and efficient use of the chosen IT solutions.

The Reesen Group can assist with: Ship/Fleet Management, HSEQ, PMS, Ship Software Support, Software Training, PMS database build. IT Management, IT strategy, Project/Program Management, Change Management, Risk Management,

Sustainable growth

Our focus is on maintaining an open and transparent dialogue with our customers, acknowledging that both parties to a business agreement must benefit from the agreement – financially and otherwise – to maintain a presence in the market and grow their business.

Taking this as our point of departure, we strive to create sustainable growth in collaboration with our customers. This entails close dialogue, where goals and ambitions are incorporated in the agreement for a specific project. At the same time, we emphasise the necessity and importance of incorporating any environmental considerations in all projects. These environmental considerations may be company-internal, local, national or global considerations.

We will always contribute to ensuring a sustainable environment by introducing green products in the shipping industry. Even if our contribution seems small in the grand scheme of things.

In other words, we do not see any limitations to incorporating possible environmental considerations in sustainable growth!


Founder and CEO, Leif Brodthagen

Founder and CEO, Leif Brodthagen


In the Reesen Group, we provide services to our customers in five main areas. These five main areas are listed below, including a list of what each area comprises:

Fleet management services

  • Technical operation services
    – Dry docking services
    – Ship inventory management

  • HSQE services

Shipping software service

  • Plan Maintenance database creation
  • Plain Maintenance database migration
  • General Plan Maintenance support
    – Plan Maintenance database harmonisation
  • Form development

  • Ship software and staff training

Management consulting services

  • Project and programme management
  • Risk management and “run-away” project management
  • Cross-cultural management
  • Cross-business strategy (IT & business)
  • Software evaluation

  • Business development

Acquisition of skills – back-office services

  • Last mile services

  • Technical or marine superintendent services (a skill that can be hired or acquired as required)

Innovative solutions

  • Innovative business development

  • Bioproduct for cleaning tankers and general cleaning
  • Training in use and delivery of product


Before embarking on a collaboration, we would love to hear your thoughts and ideas and learn more about the projects you and your company are working on now or will be working on in future. This is the first step in a dialogue. And one we would be happy to make.