Team Reesen

The Reesen-Group is a strong network of collaborating businesses that shares experiences and knowledge across borders and nationalities. We know how to navigate in a globalised world, and we know that our customers work globally and should not be limited by local or national barriers.

The Reesen Group spots the opportunities and exploits the diversity, vast knowledge and extensive experience offered by our network. This enables us to help our customers navigate the challenges inherent in many IT and management tasks today.

Every company in the Reesen Group operates according to the same model and always based on a detailed and well-planned strategy; a strategy prepared in close collaboration with our customers and approved by all stakeholders before we set to work. This gives an overview and provides the best possible basis for a sustainable and reliable plan and implementation.

There is a mutual understanding that both parties to a business agreement must benefit from the agreement – financially and otherwise – to maintain a presence in the market and grow their business.

In the Reesen Group, we also believe that sustainability can go hand in hand with environmental considerations. We therefore wish to contribute to a sustainable environment by introducing green products in the shipping industry wherever possible. Even if our contribution seems small in the grand scheme of things.

In the Reesen Group, we respect and acknowledge our customers’ wishes and needs, and we understand that decisions may sometimes be based on emotional, logical and practical reasoning.

In the Reesen Group, we navigate based on a shared set of values

Empathy is the driving force behind our business. Our path to success is built on empathic engagement with our customers, partners and employees. A business does not achieve success on its own. We all need the support of others to achieve a good result. Our team understands that we need to involve each team member and respect their points of view. As a business, we are good at seeing things from the customers’ perspective and understanding their views and feelings.

Honesty is one of the cornerstones to how we conduct our business. We know that honesty is a prerequisite for building long-term relations. We believe that honesty and transparency come from within. Our business is based on establishing long-term relations. Honesty is therefore an essential aspect of our approach to and dialogue with our customers. We believe in what we do and in its value. And in doing it whole-heartedly and honestly.

Sincerity is the basis of all our actions and interactions with colleagues, customers and partners. Meaning we believe in an open and honest dialogue, embracing differences and opinions and having plenty of room for discussions and the exchange of views. We always say what we believe is best for the customer. All factors affecting the customers’ ability to issue invoices.

In the Reesen Group, we base our work on the mindset that transparency brings clarity and trust between the parties involved. We strive to work closely with our customers and to ensure a high degree of involvement in the decision-making process. A shared knowledge and working platform (Novell Vibe) ensures that our customers can continuously follow project progress. The customers may be involved in the collective decision-making process and maintain a regular dialogue with us. We want our customers to get value for their investment. We want to share our data, estimates, schedules etc., so customers can actually see how we calculate the return on their investment. We conduct business in a fair and honest way and are therefore never afraid to show how we generate our income.


The Reesen Group is only worth the value created by our employees. This means all parts of the network and of our organisation must be able to deliver the same positive and professional experience for our customers that is our aim. Our internal collaboration and types of collaboration are therefore based on the same values and norms that we use when dealing with our customers. Our employees deserve the same support and respect for the time and effort they invest in our company and the network as any other stakeholder.

Leif Reesen Brodthagen, CEO & Founder - Reesen Group


We work as a team for market-leading companies worldwide and provide consulting of the highest calibre to our customers based on our international experience.